About Us

Our Mission

To be a trusted and reliable franchise provider of the food cart industry by providing enhanced services, relationship, and profitablility.

Our Vision

To provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our valued franchisees. We envision that every entrepreneur has the opportunity to expand, grow, and get the return of investment as fast as they can.

Our Awards


#1 Mexican Food Cart Franchise Provider

#1 Mexican Food Cart Franchise Provider

Family Choice Consumer Awards


Best Emerging Food Cart Franchise

Best Emerging Food Cart Franchise

Golden Globe Annual Awards For Business Excellence


Best Food Cart Franchise

Best Food Cart Franchise

Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards
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Our Story

The humble beginning of Mega Food Cart Business Corp. started with the dreams of a man who had an idea to start building a franchising business and becoming a successful entrepreneur. This man is Mr. Westly Salazar.

After being in 15 different companies for 21 years, he decided to leave the corporate world. His experiences in his career are similar to what most employees go through. He experienced hardships, being underpaid, having no benefits, being in a 6-month contract, and enduring very long hours of work and overtime so just to fulfill his role of a bread winner for his family. He felt God’s goodness back in 2003 when he was employed in a franchising company as a part of the food cart assembly. He was then transferred to Purchasing, then promoted as a Business Development Officer. He gained the trust of the owner and was commissioned as an Operations Supervisor. As years went by, he became the Operations Manager of the company. In his 9 years of stay as a pioneer employee for the company, he realized that he has contributed much in the company already. After some time of contemplation, he decided to explore out of his comfort zone in hopes to meet the financial needs of his growing family.

Asking for the Lord’s guidance, Westly resigned. A month passed by and his doubts surfaced. The thought of leaving the company in his late 30s looked like a mistake. But with the support of his wife, his anxieties were cleared and felt encouraged. He was a purchaser by trade, so he gathered his notes and started contacting suppliers to sell dim sum in his community. He saw the potential of the business; his clientele grew and he supplied for two school canteens. The new business, however, was not easy. He was used to an office setting but the venture demanded him of physical labor. Making deliveries in the rain and traversing the traffic in the humid climate was his daily endeavor. A year passed and his routine caught up with him as it started affecting his health. He decided to return to a corporate post as a logistics personnel. His stint lasted for a year and a quarter as the job did not secure more opportunities for his favor. It was hard to leave but he accepted this unfortunate fact and faced it as a challenge. He held on to his faith and believed that the Lord will lead him to better opportunities.

He went back managing his dim sum business. One day, he met up with a former colleague from the franchising company. His colleague asked for help in coming up with a food cart design for a client. Westly gladly accepted the request, delivered, and received commission from this project. On their way back home, his colleague brought up the idea of creating their own franchising business. This was the opportunity from the Lord that Westly was waiting for. With a big smile, he took the initiative of processing the business permits, licenses, requirements, and corporate bank account. The company was conceived and named Mega Food Cart Business Corporation. This name carries their hope that someday this business will expand nationwide.

To this day, with the help and blessing of the Heavenly Father, Mega Food Cart now has 52 branches in Luzon, 21 in Visayas, and 12 in Mindanao. In a span of three and a half years, the company continually grows.

Westly's Corner

Allow me to share my life verse from the Bible. It says in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lordand He will give you the desires of your heart.” I received the woman of my life, now my wife, through this motivational verse. Now, the Lord blessed me with Mega Food Cart Business Corporation. If you have tried our products, I hope you would notice that we printed this verse in our packaging. We would like to share this Scripture with you so that you may experience the goodness of our Lord through our faith in Him.

To God be the glory!

We are excited of having you be part of our family and success story!