Citi Burgers and Hotdogs

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    Citi Burger and Hotdog was developed by Mega Food Cart Business Corporation and open for franchise nationwide with a very low franchise fee. Hamburgers are often served with cheese, tomatobacononioncondiments such as  mayonnaiseketchup,  or “special sauce“; and are frequently placed on sesame seed buns. It serves not only burgers but it also serves footlong that made of bread and hotdogs with sauce. The price is very affordable for every customer which offers also buy 1 take 1 burgers.

    • High-End Food Cart (Mall Ready)
      • 5ft x 2ft x 6.5ft
      • Lighted Menu
      • With Heavy Duty wheels
      • With very modern, unique design and durable cart that will set you apart from your competitors
    • Heavy Duty Equipment and Complete Utensils
      • Manual Cup Sealer
      • ThermoWater Jug
      • Industrial Blender
      • Ice Crusher
      • Ice Bucket
      • Shakers
      • Bobba Cooker
      • And Many More!
    • Business Manuals
    • Business Summit with free Business kits
      • Discussion on necessary permits
      • Marketing Strategies
      • Product Selling points and Techniques
      • Product Marketing
      • And Many More!
    • Product Comprehensive Training
    • Opening Assistance Option
    • NO Food Tasting fee
    • NO Royalty Fee
    • FREE location assistance (Metro Manila)
    • NO Hidden Charges
    • NO after-sales excuses
    • NO QUOTA but we help you reach your quota by providing after-sales assistance