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    Binignit is a Visayan dessert soup from the Central Philippines. The dish is traditionally made by Visayans with slices of saba bananas, taro, and sweet potato. It is also known as Ginataang Bilo-Bilo in tagalog. Mr. Binignit serves Ginataang Mais and Ginataang Bilo Bilo for a very affordable price. It was conceptualized and established by Mega Food Cart Business Corporation and open for franchise nationwide.

    • High-End Food Cart (Mall Ready)
      • 5ft x 2ft x 6.5ft
      • Lighted Menu
      • With Heavy Duty wheels
      • With very modern, unique design and durable cart that will set you apart from your competitors
    • Heavy Duty Equipment and Complete Utensils
      • Manual Cup Sealer
      • ThermoWater Jug
      • Industrial Blender
      • Ice Crusher
      • Ice Bucket
      • Shakers
      • Bobba Cooker
      • And Many More!
    • Business Manuals
    • Business Summit with free Business kits
      • Discussion on necessary permits
      • Marketing Strategies
      • Product Selling points and Techniques
      • Product Marketing
      • And Many More!
    • Product Comprehensive Training
    • Opening Assistance Option
    • NO Food Tasting fee
    • NO Royalty Fee
    • FREE location assistance (Metro Manila)
    • NO Hidden Charges
    • NO after-sales excuses
    • NO QUOTA but we help you reach your quota by providing after-sales assistance